SOMERFEES 2022: Free Tickets!

SOMERFEES 2022: Free Tickets!

SOMER FEES 2022: Free VIP Tickets!

On the 8th of October 2022, the LEGENDARY Tequila and Mexican Food Festival organisers will be launching the first SOMER FEES at the Royal Elephant Hotel in Centurion! 

Just like the Tequila Festival, This Party is going to be epic!

... you said... Free Tickets?

We have 10 VIP Tickets to give away to FTM Members

Every VIP Ticket Includes:

  • Entry to the Festival
  • Entry to the VIP Area
  • Welcome Drink
  • Snacks during the day
  • Access to VIP-Only Toilets (Not Trailer Toilets)
  • VIP Bar Access (Purchases not included)

So, how do I win get these Tickets?

It is really simple! 

  1. Make sure your FTM profile is updated
  2. Send us an email to

It's That Easy!

BONUS: Show up in a Bikini Top or Crop Top and get a VIP Party Hat!

First 10 people before: 7 Oct 2022 is in!

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If you have an active and updated profile, you are golden!