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Model Releases

A Model release ensures that no troubles occur in the future. It ensures that all parties know exactly what they can or cannot do with the images/video/ content created. 


  • Ensure the “in consideration of” section specifies remuneration (a cash value, images and how many, a product barter, or service trade, etc)
  • Ensure all details are complete
  • Ensure that if underage, the parent and or Legal Guardian also signs the document
PLEASE NOTE: This release is an example and can be used as a guide, but we strongly suggest that you spend the money and have a Legal Advisor set up a Model Release that covers all your specific needs.
Example model release (PDF Download)

Something happened at a Shoot or Event...

Do not hesitate, get help right away!

Any Sexual Abuse or Rape, please contact on of the groups below:

Help Line: *134*7355# For an emergency dial 2 (24/h free call)


Telephone Landline: 010 590 5920 (24/h landline, standard rates apply)

The helpline operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – offering counseling and advice about the next step

CALL NOW: 021 447 9762

Copyright ©

For most issues regarding copyright of created work the acts and regulations below is the current law of South Africa. As a general guideline, copyright subsists in a created work for up to 50 years.

(Please note that these may change over time and updated copies can be found at the Government Gazette)

Copyright Act 98 (updated to 2002)
Copyright Regulations (updated to 1985)