How this Works

This website is a collaboration between the Photographers and Retouchers from NelNelMedia and RETOUCHrepublic and the Royal Elephant Hotel & Conference Centre’s marketing and media departments. 

What started as a private resource database was made public to grow the network and increase the probability for smaller and independent service providers to earn incomes from their ventures.

Public discussion groups are available on Facebook and MeWe


Site Services to Talents

What can you add to your profile?

01 Basic Profile + Pic

Start with a short, basic profile to tell people who you are and what you do (Search Engines use this to index your profile)

02 Your Talent Pool

Add your talents to the mix! Whether you DANCE, can ACT or is an INFLUENCER, there are opportunities everywhere!

03 Portfolio Pics

Display only the best, this is your business card, not your Instagram profile.  

04 Video

It is a new world we live in! If you have a good promo video on YouTube or some Behind-the-Scenes Videos, add them in! 

05 Link Tree

We all feature elsewhere!  Either we have a blog or we are part of another platform… share your links there that are not listed as specific platform links in your profile.

06 Other Sales

Do you have an online Shop? A subscription service? Sell Teddy Bears on the side? Tell everyone about it and add the links here! 
(Just link to your shop, do not add  your complete product list!)

Availability Of Talents